Online Product Catalogue

If you need to strutt your stuff online, then you need a COMBO ONLINE PRODUCT CATALOGUE.  You can effectively make this product the very centre of your ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Integrating into your shopping cart if required later and Payway Online. All major Credit Cards are accepted and the navigation and shopping cart is easy and dependable for your customers to use. 

Wholesale?  Retail?  Distributor?  Manufacturer?  Whatever?          

Robust and a breeze to self manage.  It is ideal if you would like an easy way to display your products and information online but do not need to have an online shopping cart. It is also an excellent product if you need to have some interaction with your customers before a purchase or product price can be finalised. If you would like to find out more on how the COMBOSOFT PRODUCT CATALOGUE PRO can benefit your business online just drop us an email here


Find out why so many choose to use a 

A PRODUCT CATALOGUE from COMBO MARKETING.  It makes it all so easy!


ComboSoft Secure Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Pro was designed from the beginning with ease of use in mind. Making Combosoft the ideal system to make your customers feel secure and enjoy the experience and want to keep on shopping. Unclutterered and easy to navigate Shopping Cart Pro will help keep your customers shopping on your site and wanting to return again and again.


Magnetise Your Shopper

People are more comfortable using sites they feel familiar with, so use an intuitive design which follows the conventions of other online shops. Shopping needs to have an easy natural flow of information and selection. So why not let us make the process as easy and simple as possible for you and your customers NOW.


Easy Navigation And As Simple As 1 - 2 - 3

Along with a well designed shopping section of your website, you need to ensure that the checkout process is as user friendly and easy navigation. You want to minimise hassle for the buyers to help increase conversion, turning browsers into buyers. Today people are more familiar with and adept at shopping on the web. Many know exactly what they want, so you don’t get much time to win them over. Your website is just like a real shop, where potential buyers will browse your products and purchase if the process is simple and uncomplicated. Customers like to feel secure and reassured of service with easy to contact information available to them. It is the end-to-end experience that you offer your customers from search to selection to checkout. It is the combination of these 3 actions that will persuade a person to take action before they leave your website.

  • It really needs to be
  • As simple as 1 2 3.



  • Operates in two "modes"
  • Payment Gateway Mode - Integrates with your bank's credit card payment gateway of choice. Also allows for payments via Internet banking.
  • Combo PayWay Mode. Allows for credit card payment via your account on Combo Control.
  • Administration section comes with a print view which lets you send orders to your printer. This feature lets you send a print  copy of the order as confirmation or invoice.  Hard copy for your records or archive.
  • Categories can be one level or two levels deep

There are many ways a shopping cart can benefit your online business, so why not enquire now and find out how this product can be of benefit to you.

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