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COMBO WEB HOSTING is designed to give you a high level of flexibility and control. No one size fits all. You only pay for what you need.

Awesome Designs

It is exciting to get great results from a well designed website. It does not have to be a complicated process. Your customers and your visitors like it easy.


Low cost and reliable and a plan that is perfect for you, allowing for expansion and growth. Future proofing your enterprise online and giving you peace of mind. To ensure you not only get a solution that is professional and customised for today, but that your website hosting plan and enterprise have room to expand and grow in the future. 

"Secure your unlimited future and host your website today with COMBO MARKETING for peace of mind"

Hosting plans from just $5-90 per month and flexible enough to expand for whatever is needed.


and reap the benefits of a Combo hosting plan


No Compromise On Security

The safety of your website content and data is just as important to us as it is to you. Our secure server uses the latest encryption techniques to keep important data safe. We offer an eCommerce secure payment service for shopping carts and an archive service.

Secure Hosting

Online Secure SSLSecure Online SSL

Ranking of your website is much better when you have a secure site. Google and other search engines penalise website ranking when no security is available or active on your website. In todays online world of data theft it is of prime importance. Your website visitors need to feel safe.

Having a DV SSL as a minimum verified protection is a wise decision and guarantees a better ranking and more visitors to your website. For just a few cents a week we can add SSL secure hosting to your website if it is hosted with Combo. 

Exclusive additional backups of your own website and online business are reccommended of all important data and we have a backup plan to suit every need. Enqure Now for a WEBSITE HOSTING PLAN to suit your enterprise.



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